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Preventer Inhaler

What are preventer inhalers?

Preventer inhalers are used to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring. They are used for long term treatment of chronic asthma and should not be taken for quick asthma relief.

If you are experiencing asthma symptoms, then you should use your rescue inhaler instead. Preventers usually take anywhere from a couple of hours to days before you start to feel any effect.

These types of inhalers are essential when it comes to managing chronic/severe asthma.


What are the common brands?

These types of medication come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Some are stronger than other and are available to be taken in different forms. Some of the most common preventers available on the market are:

  • Beclazone, Clenil, Pulvinal Beclometasone and Qvar. They all contain the active ingredient Beclometasone.
  • Easyhaler Budesonide, Novolizer Budesonide and Pulmicort. They contain Budesonide.
  • Flixotide. This type contains Fluticasone.

Some are taken in a powdered form or the same as a metered dose inhaler. Depending on the severity of your asthma, your doctor will decide which preventer you need.


Why is this type of inhaler important?

If your asthma is not kept under control, then it will only be a matter of time until your next attack. This type of inhaler prevents the inevitable attacks and should also help you to reduce the need for your rescue inhaler.

Some people stop taking this inhaler once it starts to work and feel that they no longer experience symptoms of asthma. Then, not long after they realise that, their condition is starting to worsen again.

In order for you to keep your asthma under control, you need to keep taking the preventer.


Where can I get one?

I would recommend that you get a prescription from your doctor first to make sure that you get one that is suitable for you. You can buy this medication online, but be cautious as some online pharmacies have a bad reputation.

You might want to stay away from pharmacies that have no contact telephone number, do not have good reviews from customers or something seems a bit odd. If you have doubts, do not risk it 🙂

You can also buy your medication near your local pharmacy store, which can be a safer option than buying online.