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Asthma and Pregnancy – How To Treat Asthma When Pregnant

Asthma and Pregnancy – How To Treat Asthma When Pregnant: This may not necessary mean a bad combination. Some conditions can improve in pregnant women and others may suffer more. There are also some pregnant women whose condition just remains the same. Asthma may improve or become worse, depending on the individual.

pregnancy brings a lot of change in the body and sometimes these changes can help with the disease. Others may feel their symptoms are getting worse, because their condition is reacting to the changes with their bodies during pregnancy.

You cannot tell beforehand how your condition will cope with your pregnancy, because, again, everyone is different and may experience different outcomes.

If your condition does get worse, it is important to keep talking your medication(s) as prescribed. Your baby just needs you to be in good health and breathing normal.

The medication(s) will NOT harm the baby, so you do not need to worry about this. If you take care of the condition and keep it under control then you both will be fine.

If you are worried that the medication will affect the baby, which is understandable, please don’t!. You can always speak to your doctor for further reassurance, if you cannot help being worried about your baby. You would know how to treat asthma do more damage if you have symptoms and you stop taking your medication. If after taking your medication you realize that your symptoms still continues, then you should consult your doctor right away.


Would my medication affect my breast feeding?

No, because the inhalers you use do not enter the blood stream and, therefore, cannot affect your baby when breast feeding. If you are still not confortable about breast feeding your baby whiles you take asthma medications or any medication for that matter, then you can always discuss it with your doctor.