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About Us: This website was created in 2010 for people, who suffer from asthma or wish to learn the basics about asthma and how to keep their symptoms under control. This website is more personal than most sites about asthma, because I am sharing my own experiences from having asthma since childhood. However, some articles do require some thorough research, which in return benefits me, because I learn as well as share more diverse information about asthma with you, the reader 🙂

The site has a team of three more people, who are or have been involved in building it. Find out who they are in the Asthma Symptoms86 team section below.

I have always been interested in owning a website one day, but had no clue about how to start one. For several months I searched the web and watched many videos on how to get started. Long story short, I finally came across a YouTube video, which introduced me to a site called Site build it that changed everything! : ) This site is the reason why Asthma Symptoms86 is ranked so well in the search engines, especially Google.

About me

So you would like to know more about who’s the person behind this website? Well, here it goes… My name is Shane and I am originally from the Caribbean. I moved into the UK in 2001 with my parents to finish my studies. My main hobbies are football (soccer), tennis, listening to music and traveling.

Why did I decide to create this website?

Asthma has been part of my life since childhood and have had some traumatizing experiences, which has played a huge impact in my life. As a child growing up, I did not think much of this disease and felt it was just something I had to deal with every time I had an asthma flare-up. I realized the severity of this condition, once I started to experience asthma attacks 🙁 Not being able to breathe, eat, talk,sleep, constant muscle pain (especially in the back) and the worse of all: Fighting this disease without any medical support!

This is what drove me to create a website for people like myself, who have had to suffer from asthma without professional help and medical attention. My main objective for this website is to help asthmatics, like you and I, to gain a better understanding and learning how to keep the disease under control. My wish is to generate enough revenue from this website to help people, who do not have access to emergency treatment for asthma.

That’s enough about me and my goals:) We all wish to get to know you, our reader, a bit more 🙂 So if you have anything you would like to share with us about your asthma, please, do so here! We would love to hear your story as an asthmatic, whether it’s you, a relative or a friend 🙂

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Asthma Symptoms86 Team

Shane – The author and Webmaster

Stanislava (Avi) – Researcher and Articles’ proofreader

Terri Davis – The website’s eputation builder

Kosru – Web designer